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Koala & Wine

How to play

Koala and Wine is a simple, quick to learn, short and fun card game

Each player starts with a secret selection of glasses

To WIN be the last player to possess glasses on the table. You LOSE when you don’t have any glass left.

Along the game try to steal as many glasses as possible from the other players and remember the exact position of your glasses when the Sommelier will ask you to reveal one of your glasses.
You will also have to support the Wine lobbyists to eliminate glasses from other players.

The koalas on the Green actions cards will help you during the game.

The Oenologist allows you to have a glance at a glass on the table.
The Tipsy taster swaps two glasses to bring confusion.
The Grape picker takes a card from the hand of another player.

And if someone tries to steal one of your glasses with the Wine thieves, use your Stop! Thieves card.

🍷 Steal wine 🍷
Remember the glasses’ position 🧠
🐨 Have fun with the Koalas🐨

The objective


  • Don’t get eliminated
  • You are eliminated when you don’t have any more glasses of wine in your possession
  • The game ends when there is only one player left
  • The last player with glasses on the table wins the game

Sample round video

Have a look at our sample round video to see how easy it is to play  Koala and Wine!

To view the full details of the rules keep scrolling down.

Starting the game


1. Distribute the cards

Each player starts with 3 glasses (glass cards) and 3 hands cards.

Pick as many of each type of glass card as you have players (for example, if there are three players you take three red, three rose and three white glasses).

Mix the glasses and distribute three glasses per player without revealing them. You start with three glass cards face down in front of each player.

2. Memorise your glass cards

There are 3 types of wine: Rosé, Red and White wine distributed randomly among the players.

You can only see your 3 glasses at once at the beginning of the game: when the game starts, all the glass cards are turned face down.

Remember the type of wine and the position of your glasses!

3. Check your hand cards

You can have 3 different types of hands cards:

  • The “Wine thieves” cards
  • The “Green” cards
  • The “Stop! thieves” cards (see below for more details)

If you received a BLACK (Sommelier / Wine Lobbyists)  or GREY card (Wine Fare), put the card back in the middle of the drawing deck and draw a new card.

Wine thieves cards

To steal glasses from the other players. A Wine thieves card is specific to one type of wine (Red, Rosé or White wine)

Tips: see details on how to play Wine thieves cards below.

Green actions cards

The Oenologist allows you to have a glance at a glass on the table. Call the koala expert to discover the
type of wine of the glass cards on the table!

Koala has drunk a bit too much, he is now mixing the glass position! The Tipsy taster swaps two glasses to bring confusion.Koala has drunk a bit too much, he is
now mixing the glass position!

The Grape picker takes a card from the hand of another player. Simply play the card and take a random card from the hand of another player.

Stop! Thieves cards:

To stop someone from stealing your glass

4. Start to play

The youngest player starts the game (or the oldest, cutest, smartest, you decide!)

On the online version we  did  the setup for you! All you have to do is remember your 3 glasses and start the game!

Playing a round

When it’s your turn to play:

1. Play your hand cards

Play your hand cards to steal glasses, swap cards, or pick hand cards from the others! You can play as many Green cards as you want but only one Wine thieves card per round. There is NO order with your hand cards, you can play an action card and then try to steal a glass. You can also use the Oenologist to inspect a glass, steal it and then swap it with the Tipsy taster!

[For the online version: Click on the hand card you want to play then click on the glass(es) or the player you want to target]

2. Finish your turn by drawing

Finish your turn by drawing. When you are done, draw a card from the drawing deck to finish your turn. You can keep drawing until you have 3 hand cards to start the next turn.

 [For the online version: Click on “end turn and draw a card”]

 NB: You can’t finish your turn with more than 5 hand cards. If you have 5 hand cards or more, you will have to discard some of them before being able to draw.


Special cards to draw

In the drawing deck you are likely to find special cards: Black cards and Grey cards, which will test your memory, If you draw one of these special cards, you have no option but to play them straight away. Once you are done, you can draw again [For the online version: click “draw more”]. 

Wine fair (Grey card)

Every player shows one of their glasses to everyone. 

For the online version: Click on the glass you decide to reveal – all the selected glass cards will be visible to everyone for a few seconds before turning face down again


You must show one of YOUR glasses with the requested type of wine.

If you find it, nothing happens and you may keep drawing. If you fail to show the correct glass or don’t have the right type of wine, you will lose a glass!

Wine Lobbyists

You must show one of the OTHER PLAYERS’ glasses with the requested type of wine. If you find it, the other player loses their glass. If you fail to show the correct type of wine, you will lose a glass!

For the online version: click on the glass you want to show or eliminate

NB: Once played, the Black cards go back to the middle of the drawing deck. So the more you play, the more likely you are to draw a Black card!

For the online version: the probability of drawing a Black card is displayed with the “% chances of Black]” next to the drawing deck

 How to play a thieves card:

  1. Announce and show to other players that you are playing a thieves card for a dedicated type of wine. Koala thieves only target a particular type of wine, Red, White or Rose.
  2. Indicate on the table the glass card you want the thieves’ koalas to take.

The glass card is then revealed to all players.

  • If the glass card is matching the thieves type of wine,
    well done you win the glass card. Take the card and put it next to your glass card selection, face down. The thief card goes to the discard card
  • Unfortunately, if the glass doesn’t contain the same type of wine, the targeted player will keep the glass card and win your thief card. The glass card stays in its initial position, face down.

You can only play one Wine thieves card per turn, even if you failed

See the following animation on how to play a Wine thieves card for more information

Someone is trying to steal you?

If you are lucky you may have a Stop! thieves card

When another player is attacking you with a thief card, you can decide to use your STOP card.

The STOP card will directly stop the koala thieves. You don’t need to reveal your glass card and you win the thief card.

Yes take the Wine thieves card that was used against you.
You will be able to play the thief card during your next turn.

Once played she STOP card goes to the discard.

No, we are sorry but you can’t stop a BLACK Card